We specialise in cost-effective market penetration for high-quality technology solutions that require meaningful technical and customer support services. With an intimate knowledge of the local markets, we choose partners who rank amongst the best in class. 
Our unique regional infrastructure lets us operate smoothly across a region of different, diverse countries. Whilst gaining from uniformity at this level, we know that on the ground local expertise is a precious capability. Through combining what is most useful about networks and local agents we capitalise on opportunities in what can seem like a fragmented part of the world.
It is our ability to navigate the complexities of the different ASEAN countries that our partners most value.  The diverse legal systems, differences in culture and levels of economic development are harmonised, creating the effect of a homogenous market. With our integrated platform designed to be plug-and-play, we are always ready to take on new opportunities and build new partnerships.

Partnering with market leaders 


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