Delivering More Options to the Market
Friday, July 28, 2017
Jebsen & Jessen Technology – Pumps Division’s plumbing systems have been well-received in the market.
Jebsen & Jessen Technology – Pumps Division has successfully expanded its offerings to Indonesia’s commercial building services sector with two key project wins.
PT Rich Modern Cikande, a light snacks producer in Indonesia, has entrusted the team with the supply and installation of a plumbing system in their production and office facilities. Faced with increasingly stringent water conservation requirements, the customer needed sets of booster and transfer pumps to facilitate the utility usage and sewage pumps system for waste treatment purposes.
The team is also delighted to serve Monopoli Hotel in Kemang, South Jakarta, with a plumbing and fire pump system.  Working within the National Fire Protection Association’s guidelines, the team provided booster pumps for the top floor and sewage pumps in the basement to ensure fair and uninterrupted water distribution for fire hydrants and sprinklers in case of a fire emergency.
Bolstered by these wins, the team will continue to mine for more business opportunities in the commercial building services sector.