Celebrating 25-Year Service Milestones
Monday, January 30, 2017

Law Kok Wai

Regional Director – Service,
MHE-Demag, Malaysia
Celebration held on April 7, 2016
Law Kok Wai joined MHE-Demag Malaysia in 1991 as Quality Assurance Engineer. During his tenure with the company, he has served in a variety of other positions in the Service and Technical Department. In 2011, he was promoted to be President, MHEDemag, Philippines, responsible for the strategic direction as well as profitability and growth of the company. Since 2015, he has been Regional Director, Service, working closely with 800 service team members to serve customers across the region.


Senior Technician, Jebsen & Jessen Technology, Indonesia
Celebration held on May 6, 2016
Surono joined Jebsen & Jessen Technology, Indonesia as a young and skillful technician 25 years ago. He has since had many different responsibilities, mainly focusing on ensuring the quality of pumps before delivery to customers. His colleagues know him as a “team player who is humble, friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking”.
His supervisor, Technical Manager Hadjar Dwi Tjahjono describes him as a person who is always keen to learn, take on new challenges and accept greater responsibility.

Tee Cheng Wah

Sales Manager, Jebsen & Jessen
Ingredients, Malaysia
Celebration held on May 20, 2016
Tee Cheng Wah joined Jebsen & Jessen Industrial Services, Malaysia (JJISM) as Assistant Sales Manager for Chemicals Division on April 1, 1991. Six years later, when JJISM became part of the regional joint venture JJ-Deggusa, his job title was changed to Sales Manager. Later that year, his employment was transferred to Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals, Malaysia. Even after his retirement in May 2013, he continues to contribute to the company on a contract employment basis.

Lee Kee Seng

Service Executive,
MHE-Demag, Singapore
Celebration held on July 9, 2016
Lee Kee Seng joined MHE-Demag, Singapore as a Service Technician on April 11, 1991. In 1993, he was assigned to the project team in SIA Hangar 2 for the testing and commissioning of hangar cranes. Competent and experienced, he was later posted to Brunei for the hangar project and also to Thailand for the testing and commissioning of steel mill cranes. In 2001, he was transferred to IPD section due to an increase in service contracts from the sale of BMUs. In April 2016, he was re-designated as Service Executive to assist service engineers in planning and managing service schedules.

Yeo Guan Hee 

Service Team Leader,
MHE-Demag, Singapore
Celebration held on July 9, 2016
Yeo Guan Hee joined MHE-Demag, Singapore’s installation team on June 10, 1991. Several years later, he became part of the Service Division and has been entrusted with overseas assignments in Thailand, Vietnam, Middle East, India and Bangladesh where he supervised the testing and commissioning of cranes. Now a team leader, he manages and supervises a team of technicians serving tunnelling crane projects in the east zone.

Ang Bock Chwee

Accounts Executive,
MHE-Demag, Singapore
Celebration held on July 9, 2016
Ang Bock Chwee began his career with MHE-Demag, Singapore in June 1991 as a Temporary Administrative Clerk. On July 29, 1991, he accepted a permanent position as a General Clerk, compiling customer sales visit reports. A few months later, he joined the Management Accounting section as Accounts Assistant. In March 1998, his job scope was enlarged to cover various financial tasks. In July 2000, he was promoted to Accounts Officer, which was later re-designated as Accounts Executive.

Devaki A. Thannimalai

Office Cleaner,
JJ-Lurgi, Malaysia
 Celebration held on August 12, 2016
Affectionately known as “Aunty Devi” to the JJ-Lurgi team, she is very dedicated and has worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that everyone enjoys a clean and comfortable workplace environment. Aunty Devi is also well loved for her commitment to making sure that guests feel welcome whenever they visit.

Chin Yoke Kook

Account Executive,
Jebsen & Jessen Business
Services, Malaysia
Celebration held on September 9, 2016
Chin Yoke Kook began her journey with the Group on September 9, 1991 as an Accounts Clerk in Jebsen & Jessen Engineering, Malaysia. She was promoted to Senior Accounts Clerk on June 1, 1996 and thereafter to Accounts Executive on September 1 of the same year. She received her promotion to Senior Accounts Executive on June 1, 2009.


Storekeeper, Jebsen & Jessen
Technology, Indonesia
Celebration held on September 9, 2016
Paimin, Storekeeper in Jebsen & Jessen Technology, Indonesia – Medan Branch Office, is the first staff of Medan Branch Office celebrating 25 years of service. Having began his journey in PT Tiga Ikan Engineering, Paimin has served more than five supervisors. His colleagues and supervisor describe him as a kind person with the willingness to help and support others.

Jeremy Chee

Regional Director – Industrial
Services, Jebsen & Jessen
Technology, Singapore
Celebration held on October 31, 2016
Jeremy Chee joined Jebsen & Jessen Process Engineering, Singapore as Sales Engineer in 1991. He was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager of Engineering Sales/Project Department in 1995 and to Sales Manager of Metal Department in 1997. In 2004, he was transferred to Jebsen & Jessen Technology, Singapore. With his dedication, passion and enthusiasm, he was promoted to Division Manager in 2006; General Manager in 2008; and now serves as the Regional Director leading the Industrial Services team.