Celebrating 25-Year Service Milestones
Friday, April 28, 2017
Chong Chee Leong
Cheong Fook Cheong
Jebsen & Jessen
Technology, Malaysia
Celebration held on February 8, 2017
Jebsen & Jessen Technology recognised the long service of Chong Chee Leong (CL Chong) and Cheong Fook Cheong (Albert) in Malaysia. CL Chong and Albert joined the Group in 1992 under MHE-Demag Logistic Singapore and Jebsen & Jessen Engineering respectively. They began working closely together when CL Chong joined the Technology business unit in Malaysia in 2002. Since then, their partnership has grown stronger with each successful milestone created in the steam turbine division.
CL Chong is known as a man with strong conviction and problem-solving skills. His dedication and passion saw him rise from a process engineer in Singapore to the General Manager of MHE-Demag, Malaysia by 1997. He was appointed as Group Project Manager in 1998 to spearhead the Group’s SAP Implementation Project.
In the year 2000, he was appointed as General Manager of EDS. Two years later, he joined Jebsen & Jessen Process Engineering as Regional Director, Industrial Plant Marketing and in 2004, he took on the role he holds today – Managing Director of Jebsen & Jessen Technology.
In Albert’s case, he re-joined the company as Assistant Sales Manager, Turbine in 1992. In 1994, he was promoted to Sales Manager. He was re-designated as Manager in 1996 to lead and manage the Sales, Parts, & Service teams in the Heat & Power Division. By 2004, Albert was a Senior Manager. He reached retirement age in 2010 but continues to contribute on a contract employment basis. 
Rinda Chan
Account Manager
JJ-Lapp Cable, Malaysia
Celebration held on January 13, 2017
Heartfelt congratulations to Account Manager Rinda Chan on achieving the significant 25-year service milestone. JJ-Lapp Cable, Malaysia has witnessed the growth and success that she has earned through hard work and loyalty. Rinda is a cheerful, kind and thoughtful person whom all colleagues will dearly miss when she retires, which she has decided will be soon. 
At her 25-Year Service Award cum retirement party, attended by Chairman Heinrich Jessen, Executive Board members, invited guests and colleagues, General Manager Liew Fook Sin spoke of his appreciation of Rinda’s contributions and dedication over the past 25 years. A heartwarming video clip featuring wellwishes from her JJ-Lapp Cable colleagues was also presented to Rinda.
Chu Choon Kong
IPD Supervisor
Jebsen & Jessen
Packaging, Singapore
Celebration held on February 13, 2017 

Chu Choon Kong, IPD Supervisor for Jebsen & Jessen Packaging, Singapore, celebrated his 25th anniversary with a lunch buffet in the office.

Choon Kong joined the Group as a Packer in February 1992. As it was his first job with a Singapore company and given his youthful enthusiasm, he welcomed every challenge as an opportunity to learn and improve.

His supervisor James Chan describes him as a highly motivated, time conscious, positive, fast to learn, multitasking, proactive, independent, responsible and meticulous person! Pretty impressive! 

General Manager Han Hong Juan also had this to say: “Choon Kong is a super guy, a great guy and we are glad to have him.” 

Ramlah Ramli,
Leong Sook Hing and
Visvalingam Periasamy
MHE-Demag, Malaysia
Celebration held on September 26, 2016
MHE-Demag, Malaysia held a reception in honour of three long-serving staff members on September 27, 2016. Ramlah began her journey with MHE-Demag, Malaysia as Draughtsperson in the Project Department in November 1990. She continues to hold this position today.
For Sook Hing, her career with the company also began in November 1990. After joining as an Assistant Inventory Officer, she was promoted to Shipping Officer in June 2001 and Shipping Executive in January 2002.

Meanwhile, Visvalingam joined MHE-Demag, Malaysia in September 1991 as Service Technician I. He was promoted to Service Technician Team Leader in January 2002 and continued climbing the ranks, becoming Sales Executive and now Service Engineer I.